Saturday, August 9, 2014

No Longer Managing Site

Sorry, no news on hard mode yet. DH_Ninja should post on Serenes Forest when he's ready to share it.

Just wanted to say that even this site will soon disappear/won't be managed. It will redirect to the TLP page on the FEShrine. Also, a few days ago I stopped actively checking my e-mail,, so I'm afraid I won't answer requests there either (it was getting too much spam and random people e-mailing me). A while ago I stopped actively checking various sites and had everything redirected to one place, so this isn't the first time I've had to do something like this, but now even this site as a way to get in contact with me is disappearing (as it should, I am no longer modding after all).

Regarding the mailing list for interest in new games: I probably won't use it after all. I thought it'd be cool to have fans of TLP take interest in actual projects, but on second thought there are various flaws with that and I'd rather start from scratch. Not to mention said projects/games are likely to never be successful, so...

These changes should take place sometime in the near future–I'm not sure when, I just figured I'd post about it before I forget since this site won't be accessible henceforth. Thanks for your understanding!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hard Mode Coming

Thanks to a long-time friend of mine known as DH_Ninja (who has also helped with TLP on other occasions), hard mode will be coming. Naturally, you should direct inquiries to him (and try to keep them to a minimum: it's not like he doesn't have a life and is working on making the perfect hard mode).

Also, if you had fun playing The Last Promise and have a few bucks to spare, feel free to donate (see the sidebar). Aside from domain and server costs for sites such as this and the Fire Emblem Shrine, I have other (actual) games in development (the details are a secret but one of them is heavily inspired by Fire Emblem!) and every bit helps alleviate stress from me, honest. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not expecting anything (I did this for fun and was happy to spend my own money towards Fire Emblem-related stuff), just throwing out the option if you want to show support for TLP and the 5 or so years I put into it. ;)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rana and Kelik Conversations

Since it's currently broken, I've uploaded the conversations:

As far as I remember, they don't give you any bonuses or anything, so they aren't really useful, they're just there as a poor way to fill in some plot-holes and stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Random Responses

"When you use the angelic wing on Anakin, when he tries to motivate someone, the peson stays gray without the recoloring, but can still move again on the map (just a minor animation thing). Also, it seems he has lost the ability to regenerate health at the start of each turn."

- Yeah, I know why, it's because how the Angelic Wing secretly works is that it actually changes the character's class, and certain things (like Motivation and his Regeneration skill) are tied to that specific class, so it won't work with the new one, and sadly I don't think I could make it work, not without doing a lot of research into ASM hacks for it... sorry.

"I have a problem with chapter 11, when I fight an enemy, the game automatically over. - [Need a savestate please, not able to replicate this.]

I'm experiencing the problem too. No music plays during the chapter and any action causes game over. I've already tried patching to a new rom with each version of the game released thus far. Here's my savestate."

- It seems like whatever is causing this problem is something that only happens during some playthroughs or perhaps on some emulators--I'll keep in mind to look at the savestate now that someone finally uploaded one, though I can't guarantee if I will/when I will since I'm not really working on this anymore...

"On chapter 27, after defeating Galagar on turns 31+, the game shows his conversation and, after showing the last voice clips and the warp from the black screen, does not load the save screen and the game cannot progress any further."

That's really weird, not sure I can replicate it but again, I'll keep it in mind.

"Hello, I realize by the time of me reporting this the creator has announced his work with this game is done, and he is very unlikely to return, however I feel this bug should still be reported. In chapter 13B (choosing not to trust Logan) I had made it near the end and was about to start battle with Logan, however just before that Itsuke died from the Sage reinforcement. After dealing with the reinforcements I went back to Logan just to see the sass him and Anakin would have and to see his death quote, keep in mind I was going to restart right after, as I refuse to lose a unit, especially a mage. However, after restarting the chapter (after saving chapter 14 to a seperate slot), moving a single unit or ending my phase automatically ends the chapter, as though the game thinks Logan was already defeated, but I can see him at the top-left as normal. Needless to say that is all kinds of bad as now Itsuke cannot be recovered and I'm missing out on an entire chapter's worth of exp. Being the patient type, I said oh well and restarted the whole game. Considering if a unit did not die this chapter, its unlikely anyone else will encounter this glitch."

That's... really obscure, but yet again, I'll try to keep it in mind.

"In the eight star I have run into a lot of problems including the screen messing up and enemies spawning where their predecessor was killed (only if they die on the enemies turn. That might be intentional.) But I just recently, when playing the star again to get more AWs, encountered a game breaking glitch. the enemies turn starts, like normal, but when they are finished, all sprites turn to haze and the game force closes on me. Considering that no one else is reporting these problems, it might just be the fact that I am playing it on my android. I have a save state, but I don't know how to give it to you."

It's probably an android glitch. Don't think I can fix it. (Or rather, I pretty much know I can't, but don't like stating absolutes.)

"The game becomes weird after I fisnish prologue and select Hard mode for Kelik. Firstly, in the second chapter of Part 2, Anakin returns as a Gallant (cavalier-type), and Marina returns as a Paladin (not wyvern-rider anymore). The "motivate" command of Anakin still shows up, but if I try to select it then the game freeze. If I continue using Anakin as a cavalier it's still normal though. However, in a few chapter later, when I fight Roarik, Roarik appear NOT guarding the Gate, but 1 square-left of that space. The same applies for the 2 knights below him: they start 1-square left to the fort. This is my first time playing, so I guess it is intentional and just let Anakin go and seize the gate, without beating Roarik, hoping to recruit him later. However, Roarik died in the conversation anyway (I swear that I never lay a finger upon him). Well... I'm still not awared what happened, until the next chapter, when Lyam claims to be a spy, but nowhere to be seen in the screen, even after we comes near the throne (the dialogue still show up though). I just come and seize the empty throne, and by no means of recruiting Lyam, I think I leave him out forever. Btw, the title of chapter begins to show the original chapter of FE7 since the chapter of Roarik (like "Noble Lady of Caelin")"

Uh, the problem is you selected hard mode for Kelik, something that's not supposed to be played, or even accessible. I'm guessing you used a savestate to try to access it, which is *your* fault. In other words... you broke the game. Sorry, but these "glitches" are the ones that you cause (like the ones people report when they use cheat codes, break the game, and then tell me that cheat codes broke the game--no ****, sherlock, they're cheat codes that aren't even truly meant for this game, what did you expect? lol) and sort of annoy me, so... either way, it's nothing I can really help with--just play on the normal game mode without using any special savestates, codes, etc.

"Ranger class movement sound needs fixing."

You know, given the Ranger class is a new class (in terms of game data--I know it was taken from FE8, I'm the one who imported it...), I can totally see that being the case, haha.

"Halberdier's in arena appear as a black figure with no texture. This is a palette error due to halberdiers not in the original game. Kelik and Tekun work fine however. Whats strange though is sometimes Rex's palette glitches further and he appears as a black figure with blue spots, Ace's has never done this but he is just a black figure."

If it's just the normal arena, that shouldn't happen and I need to fix it (though I really couldn't see that happening). If we're talking about the *link* arena, then I can see that happening, which has to do with me not supporting alternate palettes for all characters in the game--some characters don't have different palettes for everything (like enemy, NPC, and "other"/player 4 palettes), and they show up as just black "silhouettes" instead. XP This is probably more true for characters with custom classes, too.

"I just wanted to thank you and everyone else who made this game come to life. =)"

Someone snuck this in here, haha... well, it's not like I did it for you, but you're welcome anyway ;)

And I'd like to think that everyone else who helped is also happy with the outcome, even if it has its flaws, downfalls, etc.~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Okay I'm just revamping this to cover some frequently asked questions:

Q: How do I play?

A: Download, extract the folders from the ZIP, then read the instructions included.

Q: There's X glitch, are you going to fix this, it'd be cool if there was Y, are you going to add that? Where do I report bugs etc.?

A: I am NOT working on this any longer, so no updates except maybe a hard mode. You can report stuff but I know the game mostly functions with few problems so I don't intend to make any more bug-fixes.

Q: When I enter the final red start in the constellation, it doesn't work. What do I do?

A: As the game should have mentioned at the beginning of the constellation, it's not complete. When will it be? I dunno. Maybe never. I'd like to get it done but I've got other priorities. Don't ask. Don't bother me about it.

Q: X is OP/sucks/joins too early or late/I have some other personal gripe with them.

A: Too bad, get over it. This isn't a complaints forum. No one's going to listen to you or update it. Yes, I am sort of fed up from the very vocal few who like to order me what to do and continue to try and tie me down to a finished project. I realize it's flawed. It will never be perfect. Grow up lol.

Q: *insert hatred for hack or creator here*

A: That's not a question! Bzzt. Try again. =P

Thanks for your understanding~

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Growth Rates etc.

It was pretty tedious and tiring but I fixed up the information pages on the Fire Emblem Shrine for The Last Promise a bit. This includes the growth rates so many people have asked for.

Be sure to read the remark above it though: not to be a jerk but I'm seriously done with this and it's obviously going to be a little upsetting from my end when people try to drag me back into making new balancing etc. patches (e.g. importing random classes just because) for old projects. Sure, if I had nothing better to do, I would, but I have a thousand better (and more important) things to do... Sorry!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Custom Animation Exhibition

A video I uploaded today: see the description/text within the video for more remarks on it and the such.